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ZAO "Ferri Vatt" (Kazan)


It is one of our core costumers. ZAO "Ferri Vatt" specializes in development and manufacturing of vacuum equipment for functional, strengthening and decorative coating. It mainly uses high-power inverters and electric supply Complete Sets for extended arc evaporators of ELA series, electrical bias potential of ELB series, high-power magnetron sputtering systems of ELM series, average and high-power extended ion sources of ELI series.

It was ZAO "Ferri Vatt" that ordered the first power Complete Sets for 42kW magnetron sputtering systems type "ELM-72/600" (up to 80A, 650V), electrical bias potential type "ELB-50/900" (up to 50A, 1000V) and others designed and manufactured by our company. Extended arc evaporators with adjustable sensitivity sensors for cathode spot position monitoring were introduced into practice. There was introduced a set of two inverters (9kW "pseudo sine wave" generator of "ELF-4/2500" type) for organosilicon deposition. The machinery manufactured by ZAO "Ferri Vatt" using our products is successfully operated in many enterprises of Russia, CIS countries, as well as in a number of companies in Spain, Kuwait etc. They appreciate reliability of our product as well as the credibility of partnership. We share their values.

The upper image: one of the latest developments – installation with 3 extended arc evaporators, electrical bias potential 48/1000, ion source and glow discharge.



OOO "MESH plus" Ltd. Zelenograd
Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Scientific-Production Association named after Bochvar” (Moscow)

www.meshplus.ru, www.bochvar.ru

Our long standing partners, OOO "Mesh plus" Ltd. specializes in development and manufacturing of vacuum equipment for various technological applications. The company also offers services on upgrading existing equipment. They use primarily the electric Complete Sets for unipolar magnetrons of medium power (type "ELM-30/600" with Switches), electrical bias potential (type "ELВ-20/900" with Switches), Inverters for extended ion sources (type "ELI-1,3/3000") as well as some other modifications.

 * one of the latest developments – the line of machines (with 3 chamber dimension types) developed and manufactured according to the requirements of FSUE "SPA named after Bochvar" specifications (refer to the picture) and designed for high-speed magnetron sputtering of multi-component films and manufacturing of nanocomposite coatings. In 2009, there was implemented the Complete Sets for dual magnetron system (based on "ELMD-12/600" Complete Set) for the refinement of ceramics, oxides and new nanocomposite deposition.

The machinery manufactured by OOO "MESH plus" Ltd. using our products is operated in many enterprises of Russia, CIS countries, as well as in a number of companies in the USA, Belgium and Turkey. Our company is the core partner of OOO "MESH plus" Ltd. for the development and manufacturing of control and electric supply systems for the machines of MAP (FSUE "VIAM") type and the abovementioned equipment (FSUE "SPA named after Bochvar").

FSUE “VIAM” (All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, Moscow)
OAO (OJSC) "Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise named after V.V. Chernyshev” (Moscow)
OJSC "Electromechanica" (Rzhev)


The enterprises specialize in production and operation of MAP-type machinery, designed for vacuum deposition of functional, corrosion-proof, heat-resisting thick-film coatings for aeroturbine blades. It was FSUE "VIAM" that ordered the first four-stage (with "ladder"-type volt-ampere characteristic) inverters of electrical bias for current below 50A with operating voltage from 3V to 1000V, developed and implemented by our company. Currently, the abovementioned invertors have been upgraded and starting from 2007 are manufactured as three-stage (up to 80A/3-50V, up to 50A/50-400V and up to 32A/400-1000V) Complete Sets of "ELB-50/1000" type (2 invertors + switch). The electric supply Complete Sets for arc evaporators (based on two Sirion 500 invertors (EWM, Germany), 750A, 40V) which were supplied till 2008, has also been substituted by the upgraded versions: the Complete Sets consisting of 2 inverters of "ELA-600/40"-type (up to 1200A at operating voltage up to 40V). The four abovementioned machines are able to completely satisfy the needs of a new “VIAM-50”-type installation possessing four arc evaporators (600A each). OJSC "Electromechanica", OAO (OJSC) "Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise named after V.V. Chernyshev", as well as VIAM, are the core consumers of "ELB-50/400" Complete Sets. FSUE VIAM’s equipment which employs these Complete Sets successfully operates at Russian, Chinese and Indian specialized enterprises.

The images represent: MAP-2, VIAM-50 equipment.

ВThe machinery of "Karolina" series, developed and manufactured by OOO "ESTO-Vacuum" Ltd., includes electric supply Complete Sets of dual magnetrons (four pairs) with the capacity up to 18kW for each cathode of the pair (type "ELMD-30/600" with dual switches operational frequency 40 kHz). "Batch" mode of dual switches operation was for the first time implemented in a real process.

For the first time (instead of using RF-generator) there was implemented an electric supply Complete Set for electric potential carousel bias based on 6kW "ELB-15/400" inverter and a switch, which shapes the pulse voltage of 100kHz frequency. Consistent bias parameters were obtained when deposing dielectric (ceramics) of ZrItO2 type during all the deposition process (4-5 hours, film thickness up to 100 µm).


Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Federal Nuclear Center - The All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (RFNC - VNIIEF) (based in Sarov)
ZAO (JSC) "NPP ESTO" (based in Zelenograd)
OOO "ESTO-Vacuum" Ltd. (based in Zelenograd)

www.vniief.ru, www.nppesto.ru, www.esto-vacuum.ru

VNIIEF and other enterprises are the purchasers of the equipment designed for  microelectronics manufacturing and consequently the main customers for low-powered inverters and medium-powered Complete Sets. The most popular among them are the Inverters "ELI-0,4/3000-R", "ELI-1,3/3000-R" for ion sources, "ELM-3/600S-R", "ELM-12/600S-R" (with integrated Switches), "ELM-30/600-R" (with a remote Switch) for magnetrons, "ELB-7,5/900S" (with an integrated Switch) for bias.
By order of the company "ESTO-vacuum" for the first time a source of potential bias "ELB-3/300S" for plasma-chemical equipment was developed with an integrated 300 kHz switch – a mid-frequency output voltage generator..



ООО "ESTO-EL" Ltd. actively collaborates with:

  • SPA "Luch" (based in Podolsk), OOO (LLC) "NTEC" (based in Troitsk) – major consumers of electric supply Inverters for «End Hall» ion sources. "ELI-8/180"-type equipment in addition to main discharge supply possess an integrated power supply source for the neutralizer filament due to an integrated dual switch (which redoubles the life of the filament). Moreover an "ELI-18/200"-type Inverter possesses also additional control options for "emission current/discharge current" ratio, automatic change-over to a reserve filament and independent control for a double-channel gas flow control subsystem.
  • TsNIITMASH (Central Scientific and Research Institute for Engineering Technology, Moscow) actively uses such inverters as "ELI-1,3/3000-R" for ion sources, "ELM-30/600-R" for magnetrons and "ELB-20/900-R” when developing their equipment.
  • OOO "Uralaviaspetstekhnologia" Ltd. and others (based in Ufa) being the developers of machinery, designed for deposition of functional coatings for aeroturbine blades using a vacuum arc, are the main purchasers of "ELA" high-power supply Complete Sets as well as of "ELB-20/900", "ELB-48/1000" Complete Sets (with switches).
  • JSC 'Institute of Technical Glass" (OAO "INTG") uses "ELM" series 9kW switch inverters for MgO, SiO2 and other films deposition.
  • NPO "Technomash" (Moscow) is the purchaser of high-power Inverters of "ELM-30/600" type with Switches.
  • OOO "TsNT" (Tomsk New Technology Center) Ltd. (Tomsk) prefers high-power bias of "ELB-50/900" type with Switches as well as some other types.
  • For more than 3 years Foreign Enterprise "Belcaps" (Gomel) successfully (i.e. without fails) operates more than a dozen of "ELM-30/600" type Inverters.

Among other OOO "ESTO-EL" Ltd. partners there are over 40 companies in Russia and CIS countries as well as several companies based in Canada, the USA, Syria, Spain and Belgium.


The manufacturing of a new multifunctional ion source Inverter of ELI-18/200 type for electric supply of “End Hall” ion sources has been started. In addition to the power supply of main discharge, it has “smart” control system for neutralizer emission, reserve neutralizer control and a double-channel gas flow control subsystem.

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OOO "ESTO-EL" Ltd. production undergoes long-term and severe tests, simulating their work in the real conditions (including continuous duty at S/C or at idle mode or operation in conditions of 100 micro arc per second).

Constant "feedback" and prompt response to the comments of our customers is provided.
OOO "ESTO-EL" Ltd. has performed and is willing to go on carrying out the developments, similar to the abovementioned, which are not directly related to the "main activities" of the company.

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